cardwhale (cardwhale) wrote in pkmncollectors,

GA Info and my gets!!!

It's not that big a deal, but just wanted to give everyone a heads up notice. The kids have been shipped and will most likely get here TUESDAY. There will be extras offered up too! I already got shipping quotes for all your kids from the post office today so the hard part is over with =) Look out for the final shipping payment TUESDAY NIGHT. I need to transfer this money ASAP to my bank account so I can ship it out Saturday because as you know, shipping will cost A LOT xD

A reminder for iceminx  I've tried PMing and thread commenting, but I do need payment from you. I overdrafted my bank to pay for this extra bit so if you can send payment in that would be wonderful =)

And lastly to my GETS :D 3 LOVELY packages came today!!!!


OMGOMGOMOGM HILBERT <3 LLooooveeeee him xD I am very happy the seller was able to do this unreleased sprite of him as a bead sprite. He is REALLY talented <3 It came out so good and I have it on my wall! Piccies here! The sprite is huge =D

Tomy Torterra plush! <3 Paid a pretty penny for it and when I opened it, I was surprised haha. I honestly thought it would be a lot bigger! O_O But it is still cute and the fabric is really unique. I like the feel of it! Here he is with the Turtwig Canvas. They seem perfect for each other and the size-evolution thingy fits perfectly =D

AND THE CUTEST FOR LAST. I've been looking for this forever and the WONDERFUL and super kind usagimakeup decided to part with Paras and let him live here with me. Thank you soooo much ;_; <3333

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