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Small Collection Update + back from China Town!!

Hey guys! I'm happy to report that I arrived safely home from San Francisco today... and China Town! Unfortunately, I was unable to get any pictures of the inside of the store (I only went to one and it was REALLY tiny and crowded. I didn't bring my camera with me because it was such a pain to keep up with everything... sorry guys D: I don't think the woman would have let me take pictures anyway). BUT I can tell you guys what the store had. They actually had a LOT of Pokemon merch (and bootlegs lolz).

And I did get a couple things while I was there, so here's a mini collection update as well as store details/merch inventory under the cut! :D

So the store I opted to visit today was Powell Gifts, as recommended by the awesome paperoid. It's located on 1101 Powell Street in China Town in San Francisco, if any of you guys ever want to visit it! It's a bit of an uphill walk, but it's easy to spot by its purple awning and the several Pokemon posters in the store window. The inside of the store is very small, but it's PACKED full of plushes hanging from the ceiling, boxed figures, plushes in glass cases, and also glass-cased figures. There was so much stuff, I didn't know where to look first!

Keep in mind, there are a LOT of bootlegs in Powell's. Most of the bootlegs can be found in the glass cases, although there are some packaged bootlegs that stick out like sore thumbs as soon as you seem them (a hideous boxed Dragonball Z figure set was there lolz). They have a huge glass case full of official Pokemon plush, including some of the Tomy plush, lots of Banpresto, (maybe) some Pokemon Center, and even some Jakks plush. They also had the huge Dialga, Palkia, Zekrom and Reshiram plushes on some of the higher shelves.

Amazingly enough, I didn't see any Pokemon cards (it's mostly Yu-Gi-Oh! cards) but there probably were some I just wasn't seeing. They had some older Tomy figures (a Team Rocket Jesse and James which I ALMOST bought but it was too expensive @___@) and a fairly large selection of new Tomy figures from B/W and some from D/P. I only asked the woman how much they were, and she took them all down for me to see, so here's what they had, lol:

Deerling (Spring)
(and I can't remember the D/P ones, sorry guys XD)

I ended up not getting any of these, because they were kind of expensive just for one figure. That's the biggest problem with Powell's-- everything in there was VERY expensive. They had the Jakks figure sets for $24.99 each. The plushes were all in the $29.99+ range. I looked at a Spring Deerling Banpresto plush, and then a Jakks Zorua mini plush, and they were both $30. I know that's probably what I would pay online for the Deerling plush, but $30+ for a Jakks plush? @___@

They had a pretty good selection of plushes, though, and lots of new B/W ones. They also had some cool posters and one I almost bought with tons of B/W Pokemon in plush form on it XD But the biggest gem was something paperoid had informed me of. They actually have LEGIT TFG figures in the cases!!!

So I ended up with:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
This little beauty <33 He's gorgeous and amazing and wow. He makes me want to collect TFG's now. He's... spinny. And brilliant. He was the only Eeveevolution they had in the TFG's. I probably would have bought more, but they were $10 each and I got a fortune cookie saying to be frugal I didn't want to blow my wad. Flareon was the coolest-looking overall, but I almost caved and got Suicine as well. They had many TFG's, even some humans like Erika and Lt. Surge! I was shocked (no pun intended XD)! I'm about 99.99% sure this is legit, as are the others, because the bootlegs they had were... well, BOOTLEGS through and through. This is beautiful and crisp. The bootlegs were messy crappy crap.

Which brings me to my other Pokemon purchase of the day XD Now, this is a bootleg, and these are ALL over eBay. But for $3.99, I couldn't really say no to this little guy:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
BOOTIE BIDOOF! Isn't he just... derptastic? He's been stalking me on eBay when I look for 'doof stuffs. I kind of don't mind buying a bootleg of this particular sort just because Bidoof doesn't have a lot of merchandise to begin with. And he's probably the closest we'll get to a Tomy figure. AND JUST LOOK AT HIS CHARM. With his squinted eyes... and his crappy paint job...

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
A shot of them together. Look at Flareon's crisp legitness versus Bidoof's crap crapness <3

So yeah XD I didn't get a lot (I got some bootleg Naruto figures that are hysterical and that was it). I wanted plush, but they were so dang expensive!!! I just couldn't fork over $30 for a tiny plush I could get cheaper elsewhere (they do have some bootleg plush as well, so if you go, keep an eye out for the ones without any tags. I almost bought a bootleg Akamaru plush ;____;). They also had some cellphone straps in the glass case (they had a Bidoof! But I already have it XD And they had a Zorua, Suicine, Arceus, etc) and even more bootlegs.

It was a fun outing XD Again, I apologize that I didn't take any pictures, everyone. The woman behind the counter was really pushy and I think she wanted me out of there XD

But if you're ever in San Francisco, I'd check it out <3 They had a LOT of cool stuff that I would've bought if I had the monies :3
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