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Fineapple Princess

I like to sell things. :3

Heya!~ :D So. I'm going to sell more stuff, once again. xD I just came to realize how much I love Chillarmy because of Juniper because it's cute like no one's business. :) So, I'm selling some stuff for to get some Chillarmy related merch! :D

*Sales permission was granted by the awesome denkimouse 4/25/11
*I ship from Florida, USA
*Haggling is welcome
*I am accepting trades! Mostly for Chillarmy/Juniper/Fennel merch
*I ship worldwide
*Any questions? I will happily answer them!
*I will accept holds, but not for too long! Only a few days!
*Don't ask for quote and never get back to me, please! Let me know if you're still interested or not!
*If you need more pictures I will gladly take more!

Celebi PokePark light up toy:
Comes in its original packaging with the tag attached. It's brand new! Only opened for these pictures.
$35 OBO

2007 USA Buneary PokeDoll:
Like new and super duper soft and cute and cuddly!

DX Mew Tomy:
A couple of marks, but otherwise beautiful!
$15 OBO

2006 USA Release Elekid PokeDoll:
Like new! It's so adorable!~ 
$30 OBO

Plusle PokeDoll:
It's so loved on! It had a good owner!
$10 OBO

Marill friends plush:
It's so cute! It's like new! It's accompanying my Suicune!

Key chain plushies! 
Shaymin is sold!

Banpresto (shiny fabric) Piplup:
Like new! Tush tag only! 

Takara Tomy Piplup:
It's somewhat loved! I love it! It's cute!


It has a hole in its bottom. ._. Pencil topper? Idk. It's kinda heavy. It's got some scuffs too.
$1? He can has a home?

Totodile Jakks:
It's like new. ;3

Chikorita Jakks:
Like new. I had someone ask about it. They never got back to me!

He's weird, scuffed, and missing his bone I think?
$.50 or free with purchase!

Zoroark DS case:
It's brand new! I have the original packaging! 

Zorua/Zoroark Puffy keychain!
It's all nice and brand new and sealed and whatnot ! 

Squirtle Mini PokeDoll:
It's from 2004! It's slightly loved! There is a small stain above its eye!
You're gonna have to offer something on him! He's cuteeeee!

I got the invoice to anyone in this GA! Totals under the cut!

terryrose: $12.03 (Oversized card!)
forest_snivy: $6.17 (N/Whimsicott stickers)
echizenakira: $6.17 (Gym leaders stickers.)
mizuhokusanagi: $6.17 (Juniper sickers!)

Please send payment to ASAP please!
Thankies!~ :D
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