zora_star (zora_star) wrote in pkmncollectors,

tcg promo question + Fanime fun!

Ok, first off I've been collecting promo cards lately. I'm waaaay behind in my collection, and I see there are SUPER cheap promo cards on eBay! The thing is, many are stock photos. I'm always trying to be aware of counterfits, but, do promos ever get knock offs? Honestly, I've only ever heard of cards from sets being made into fakes. I'm just curious before I buy any^^ Plus, I assume lots are cheap since they don't have much value anymore/people just trying to get rid of it?

Also, Fanime was pretty fun, even though I was just there for the day! 3 hour lineup to get in = NOT fun!! I was actually REALLY surprised with how much Pokemon was EVERYWHERE!!! I did go 2 years ago, but being into Pokemon collecting now, I'm not sure if the popularity just exploded again, or if I just didn't notice before^^ LOTS of Pokemon fanart at Artist Alley and TONS and TONS of merch for sale in the Dealers Room! (I want to try and make it to the Swap Meet next year to check out some rare goods^^) I'll be doing an update soon with my latest gets^^ (I'm sad I had limited spending money... So much more I wanted to get!!)
What was everyone dressed up as, and what did you buy? I wasn't dressed up, and didn't get to say hi to anyone, unfortunately, because the group I was with was constantly on the move! Just curious if I saw you :p
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