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May's customs post! cheapish watercolor pieces!

Hi, today i'm bringing you the first official sales post by me here xD i got permission quite long ago but i wanted to keep a low profile just in case~

it's watercolour time! (and a bit of desperation, too xD damn debts!)

if you want to see more examples, drop me a line! i chose the most pokémon-related i have, but i have several other pieces to show :3 that thing on togepi is the shadow of the camera's strap xD so sorry for that :'D

these are POSTCARD-SIZED, so any imperfections you see, in person they don't show this much, i was amazed by how ugly the pieces looked when enlarged xD (also, you can see the enlarged pictures by dragging them to your address bar or new tab!)

Well, i'll be taking 5 slots, and one person who grabs a slot can ask for multiple pieces. Sales permission was granted by denkimouse  3/28/11
each piece is $20 SHIPPED, ANYWHERE. A second piece will be $15, since the $20 means $15 for the piece plus $5 for shipping, materials, fees, etc. I may be willing to haggle if necessary (: PAYMENT WILL BE NEEDED ASAP AFTER YOU CLAIM YOUR SLOT. This is also negotiable, but your piece will be finished very soon and shipped very soon, and i need the money very soon, so it's not too terrible of me to ask for money in advance this time xD

Well, here are the slots:

Thanks for reading! (:
Tags: bellossom, chansey, custom, mew, samurott, togepi
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