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HALP! Pricing?/ Anyone Interested?

Hi there com! So I love my boyfriend Norxbic because I would not be doing this for anyone else! XD

WHAT ARE THESE?! And how much are they worth? If there is a lot of interest in his lot I may put it up for people to GA, if not I might just end up doing a sale for it, dunno yet... depends on how much interest it gets:

Ok so I know this is a tomy but what is the going price for this little guy? Has a slight scuff on his head. Nothing too bad really..

THESE! WHAT ARE THEY?! I know that a few are from the polly pocket sets (which will be sold with the set) So does anyone know what sets they go to and how much the non-polly pockets might go for?
First, here are the polly pocket sets:
The bech one is "broken" in the sense that the top half can be pulled off from the bottom half.
And this, whats this? :x
Sandshrew is missing some paint and is a little scuffed. Was a keychain, now when you shake it it sounds like a little rattle cuz theres something stuck inside XD
Curios pika has some scuffs.
Pichu slightly dirty face.
Chancy has a small mark on its face
CARDS OF: Pidgy line, pikachu and raichu, loffing line, charmander line, jiggilypuff and wiggilytuff, meowths line, bulbasaur line, clefairy and clefable line, squirtle line, ekans line, ash with pikachu, misty, brock, jessie with james, rules card and a wild card with different pokemon on it :3
Round pokemon playing cards! All in great condition cept' brock whos got a little mess up.(pic below)
All the cards come in a zipper case.
Talking motion sensor squirtle, messed up on his chest and has a few scuffs. He talks and says his name in Japanese. :3
Talking motion senor and light up tail charmander, this one is NOT in Japanese. He is also messed up on his chest and has a few scuffs.
Pkmn roller stamps still work and are in great condition! (Also a random side note, I am looking for a raichu one! <3)
Butterfree is in good condition but dratini is "loved" and has a bit of scuff on the eye.
Nearly minty Zapdos! I was impressed by how nice of condition it was in but I don't need him for my collection ;3

SO! Let me know if your interested in anything for these may very well be on sale soon! ;D
Also, I am still waiting to hear from: NAMURASHI about trades that were started over a month or two ago! I am getting super tired of waiting to hear from you guys and I cannot really update my trades until you get back to me, so please contact me so we can finish our trade asap!!!
Tags: butterfree, cards, charmander, dragonite, figures, mew, pikachu, squirtle, tomy
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