No one you know :] (kanackering) wrote in pkmncollectors,
No one you know :]

YAY! I Finally have it!!! =D

Quick Collection and Mail Post ^_^

I received mail today from latifox! Thank you so much for the cards and the extras!!! ♥ Also, My package arrived from gamecubegirl Which consisted of some new items (one VERY special one) for my Drowzee/Hypno collection (*see below*) which also contained 4 WAPs that I bought from castform!

Today: umeko_pyon your cards were mailed this morning and as were the cards for our trade, tortoises =D

And one more thing before I get to the collection picture! sari_sumdac, I bought a Shinx Promo from you on March 12th and it still hasn't arrived =\ Just curious ^^;

AND NOW....WHAT YOU HAVE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR...(well...maybe not but...heh...still xD).....Drum roll please.........

If you guessed "the only official Drowzee plush made" then you are correct =D!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (if there is another plus and I don't know about me...kthxbai xD)

How cool is that!!! He's a bit out of shape and squished but OMG I love him!!! ♥! It was all thanks to, yet again, my dear friend gamecubegirl Who helped win him for me on ebay =D!

If for some reason you guys want more/better pictures of him for the Plushie Project just let me know =D

PS: Care to take a glance at what I have for Sale?
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