kawaii-clamp-fan (miss_fuu_chan) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Your Top 5 Wants!

Hey all!~ Firstly, I want to say thank you to everyone who replied to mt re-introduction post, I feel so loved! <3

Now - onto the post! After seeing a few people recently searching for specific items, I thought I'd make a post where we can can share our top 5 most wanted items with everyone, and then hopefully - we'll be able to help each other to find things! 
Leave your top 5 (with pictures if you can) in a comment below - and hopefully we can help each other to find some of our most wanted items!~ Just reply to someone's comment if you can help them! <3 

(I know I have a quite a lot of things in the house I've been meaning to sell, so it'd be wonderful if I could help someone to find something they really want! ^_^)

Here are my 5! If you can help me, let me know! :D

1. Clefairy Pokedoll - not the plushplush, but the US released Pokedoll - she is made from fuzzy verboa! I would pay a lot to get my hands on her <3

2. Spinda Pokedoll - the last of the Spinda dolls I need! This cutie has a spot right in the middle of his forehead!

3. Celebi/Bulbasaur Pokedoll Keychains - these are so rare I don't actually have a photo of them! They are from the same set as these 3 though: 

4. Torchic/Regice/Registeel Pokedoll Figures - the last 3 I need to complete my set!~

5. Pokedoll Figure Collection - I've seen this a couple of times on YJ but always seem to miss it! I would love to add it to my collection ^_^
(Number 5 was a difficult choice between this set and the Cyndaquil/Celebi plushplush!!)
Comment away!~ Let the community know what you're looking for - you never know, someone might be able to help! ^_^

Happy Collecting everyone!~
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