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Fun PokeDoll Group Auction Time!

Oh boy!  My first group auction!  This one seems to be really fun, too!  It's...


I was granted sales permission from dakajojo on 5/22/11 :D

All pkmncollectors rules apply, including NO SNIPING. D:<

These items are coming from Tokyo!  I will be selecting the EMS shipping method if we win (it will be a little more expensive but it will have tracking)

There will be two payments, one for the item+shipping from Japan, and another for shipping from me to you!

None have hang tags but from the pictures they all seem to have tush tags!  I've sent the seller a question about this and I'll update here when I get the response!

I will be claiming the Blaziken for $55 and am willing to go higher if need be :3

The bids will start at $10 and must go up in $1 increments.

The auction will end June 6, 21:36 PDT.  I will need payment within 24 hours or so if you win :D

Please do not start bidding until I make all the threads, thank you! :D

(If I'm doing anything wrong, please let me know ;m; I read the GA guide so I think I'm doing everything alright, but just in case...)

Threads are up! :D Happy bidding everyone~

I'm dropping my claim on Blaziken, have fun everyone ;D
Tags: absol, blaziken, flareon, groudon, group auction, kyogre, latias, latios, mudkip, pokecen, torchic
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