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TCG wants! sheeps and lions ♥

I know this is the second TCG wants on the list, im sorry! But this is mainly for common and uncommon cards I dont fancy paying £2 for on ebay!

I can trade or buy from you, though, the more you have the better! ;D

Ill be putting the wants list under a cut to not clutter up the page :)

-Expedition Base Set 119/165
-McDonald's Pokemon-e minimum pack 012/018 (japanese)
-Aquapolis 93/147
-EX Dragon 64/97
-EX Team Rocket Returns 64/109 - OBTAINED
-Minun Half Deck 5/12 (can someone tell me what this card is? I cant find any info on it or images :S )
-Heartgold & Soulsilver 73/123 - OBTAINED

-Totodile Half Deck 26 (japanese)
-Expedition Base set 77/165
-Aquapolis 47/147
-EX dragon 27/97
-Ex dragon frontiers 30/101
-POP series 7 7/17
-Heartgold & soulsilver 42/123
-EX team rocket returns 33/109

-Neo revelation 1/64
-Expedition base set (Holo 2/165 Non holo 34/165)
-Aquapolis (holo H1/H32 non holo 1/147)
-EX unseen forces 1/115 - OBTAINED
-POP series 7 1/17 - OBTAINED
-Platinum 1/127
-Heartgold & soulsilver 14/123
-Call of legends 23/95
-Heartgold & soulsilver (reverse holo 105/123)
-EX team rocket returns 2/109
-Jasmines Ampharos (japanese)
-Lances Ampharos (japanese)
-EX Dragon 89/97

-DP Black Star Promo DP15
-Supreme Victors 126/147
-Arceus SH12

-Diamond and Pearl 52/130 - OBTAINED
POP Series 8 8/17
Arceus 43/99

-POP series 8 3/17 - OBTAINED

I also collect the legendary beasts (raikou, suicune, entei) but Im wanting to complete the 'easier' sets first, even though I still am slowly buying cards from these sets too! So if you have any please feel free to drop me a message about them too :D

Thanks so much for looking people! I really appreciate any help ♥
This community is WONDERFUL!


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