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GA Reminders, Shipping Updates and More!

Edit: Guys, I don't think you realize that I do get an email WITH your comment every time you comment, even if you do delete it! PLEASE STOP DELETING BIDS. I'm serious.


First off, GA reminders! 

The 2008 MINKY Eeveelution Pokedoll GA ends tomorrow morning, bright and early at 6:45 AM, PST! For you lucky east-coasters, that's 9:45AM. A lot of the dolls are still at very low bids. Yes, these are minky, and yes, they have hang tags! ;D According to the description, they were only used for display. So bid bid bid! Click the picture to be transported to the auction~

Next, we have this awesome Pokemon plush lot filled with Pokedolls, Canvas Plush, MPC and more! A lot of the items are still at very low bids, so don't miss out on your chance to snag that plush you've been eyeing for cheap! This auction ends TONIGHT at 8:59 PST/11:59 EST! We just have a few more hours to bid, so go go go! Click on any of the pictures to be transported to the auction~

Next, shipping updates! tyltalis , bluehyaku and tissuepaperpet , your charms were just shipped! ;D You should expect them in a few days~ k1yuu , I'm finishing up your charm right now and will have it for you tomorrow. 8D mizuhokusanagi , I will ship yours as soon as your second one is done.

Also, I know some of you asked for pictures, but nfortunately, I'm a derp and forgot to take pictures of most of them before I sealed them away. OTL;; I'm really sorry! So, here's tissuepaperpet 's Glaceon gijinka and a little Umbreon I drew for me. xD

Anddd, a quick little shop notice: My custom charm commissions will be on hiatus for the next few days as it is finals and I really, really need to study. xD I'll open up for orders again after that. (However, if any of you has clear Lati@s, Entei or Lugia Kids, I would be more than happy to trade some commissions for them. 8D I really, really want them.)

And, we'll end with some super cute pictures of our favourite ENTEI. Oh gosh, I just love Entei so much. /swoon



And Giratina too, 'cause he's just that awesome. 8D I recently won Giratina in a GA and I was all ASLKFJHASLDKFH because I'd wanted a Giratina Pokedoll for a while now~~~ =w= Unfortunately, both his hang tag and his tush tag were cut off. ;w; If any of you happens to be selling a Japanese, MWT Giratina Altered Form Pokedoll (LOL IN MY DREAMS), please let me know. /qq I'd love to take it off your hands!

Anywho, I'm gonna stop taking up your time and actually study. You'll see me again in a few days with spreadsheets for the two GAs. ;D Toodles!
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