Wren (latifox) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Feedback + New stuffs!

First of all, if you've done business with me I now have a Feedback post! Since it's been a whiiiile since I've posted a request to be listed on the feedback here... arg. Linkage!

Went to Toys R' Us today to see what kind of Pokémon merch. they had there. Got two things for myself! :D

Squeee~ It was the last one they had there.
He's sitting happily with all my other plushies.

I know these are really common, but I think they're adorable. X3
I got one another figure for my boyfriend too.

And when I came home, I got a whole bunch of cards in the mail!! <3

Note: Cards are grouped, not all of these arrived today.
Already had ones from the Fossil pack, LG/FR pack, and the vending card.

(sorry for the glare)
I adore the DP5 card!! It's so beautiful... I think it's my new favorite.
Thank you keisuro! The others are from eBay~

Some amazing Marowaks. The DP5 one is also courtesy of Keisuro.
...that Dark Marowak. *^*

I got these for the LULZ. I'm 99% sure they're bootleggers. 8D

Lastly, Want List has been updated slightly. See it here!

Thank you all for supporting my random picture spews~
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