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Meiji Plate GA here! + anyone?

It's here at last!

Please let me know your country here! I think I know most of your countries, but I'd rather be safe than sorry!

airinkitty's Jigglypuff plate.

derranged's Mew plate.

hibikitikibi's Charmander plate.

darkangellilith's Pikachu plate.

My Squirtle plate.

My claim again, the group plate - I love this so much <3

derranged's Mew hanky, roxiired's Pikachu hanky and airinkitty's Jigglypuff hanky.

My claimed hankies~

Also, a question.

Is there anyone here who could get hold of a pack with the online codes attached? I'd possibly be interested in buying just the codes, but only maybe. Also tell me I'm not the only one who is amused by the UK address being here and on the Nintendo World plushies even though we don't bother to stock Pokemerch like most of Europe does lol

Speaking of UK, I've heard we'll be getting B/W merch in July! Please be true >_>
Tags: charmander, group auction, jigglypuff, mew, pikachu, squirtle
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