Honey (lovedbyahero) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Cherrygrove City Clearance Sales Part I

Long story short, I'm selling a large majority of my collection.
This is part I and contains most of the plushies I'm selling including Pokabus and Pokedolls. Part II will contain more plushies as well as most of my flats and non-plush items

Sales Rules
- I am located in the UK
- I may accept trades but only with those I trust
- Items do come from a smoke-free home
- However, they do come from a labrador-friendly home. He doesn't go near my plushies though but you can't be too careful
- I only accept Paypal. When sending payment, remember to put down your username and what you're buying!
- Feel free to haggle

I do have a hold policy so don't be afraid to ask!
All I ask is that you are 100% commited to the sale

Oversized Turtwig Pokedoll - $30 OBO
Japanese ReleaseWhimsicott Pokedoll - $25
Japanese 2009 Marill Pokedoll - $35
American Release 2009 Skymin Pokedoll - $25
American Release 2007 Buneary Pokedoll - $20
American Velboa Release 2006 Cyndaquil Pokedoll - up for offers

American Release 2005 Totodile and Chikorita Pokedolls - $30 each or the pair for $55

Super DX Banpresto Pokabu - $50 including shipping
Shiny DX Banpresto Pokabu - $35
DX Banpresto Pokabu - $20
Christmas PokeCen Pokabu Plush - $30
Japanese Pokemon Center Pokabu Plush - $25
Japanese Release Pokabu Pokedoll - $25

Pokabu Pokedoll Pen - $20
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