Denali Lobita (growly) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Denali Lobita

Collection Update/Bragging Post ;D

So I got a new Growlithe yesterday...

He is FUCKING TINY! :O Seriously, as my collection gets bigger, it seems the figures get smaller! I am pretty sure this is the smallest Growlithe in my whole collection. He's cute as all hell though. That little raised paw just kills me!

Here he is with my Tiny! Jenny. I love the optical zoom on my camera, om nom nom. Jesus christ, look how big the dust particles look next to them.

Castforms! Since he has a fire form, I only found it fitting to include him in my fire zukan collection. You want tiny... these are even smaller than my Growlithe. Like breathe wrong and it's gone small. :O It boggles my mind to imagine someone painting these.

Numel and Camerupt! OMG they are cute. ;_;

Heatran... is anyone else reminded of the demon dogs from Ghostbusters when they see him?

Magmar family! I <3 these guys. Da Boobers have finally won me over.

Entei! *swoons* So majestic.

Slugma and Magcargo! These guys have a different finish, I guess because they're supposed to be wet looking.

Houndour/Doom! I think these guys would have been my favorites were it not for Growlithe/Arcanine. Fire dobiesssssss.

Chimchar line! Not a big fan of them (my Infernape lives in the PC), but this Zukan is pretty damn cool. Love those clear flames.

Oh and Flygon, I did take photos for Zukan Ranger... I'll resize the rest of them and post them up later this week. :D
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