Benny Woolley (lucario) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Benny Woolley

Big fat chu... Charming!

Big fat Pikachu would like to welcome you to a small collection update!

First up is of course, big fat pika! He is I think 1:1 and made by Hasbro, like my Meowth. I think their plush are superb, and really soft!
He was really dirty when he turned up, but otherwise new and soft, so I nipped a seam, took out all his stuffing (could have stuffed two pillows) and popped him in a gentle wash cycle. He came out brand sparkly new, and smelling lovely. He's a little damp so more pics of him when he is dry, next update. i wish i had a big fat wigglytuff his size. That would make me so happy.
TOMY terrycloth Mew and Minun are looking for their friend, Plusle. :( I haven't seen him for sale anywhere.

Then there is my small-but-growing Buneary collection. I seem to have somehow avoided buying a Buneary Kid, despite them being in absolutely every job lot on eBay. I am not a big fan of the far left one, but she was a GA freebie. :)

Next, as hinted in the corner of that photo is TOMY Lucario! His fir is so soft I can't stop stroking it. He is about a foot tall, and probably my favourite arrival this month. I am so happy to have got him from the comm rather than feeding some eBay reseller. I don't know why giving homes to plush makes me so happy, haha. :3
We watched Dr Who together on Saturday and I held him over my eyes when it got too scary. *cough* >_>; Yes I know I'm in my twenties.

The charms I have posted before, but here's a closeup for anyone who missed them:

The dice from a big GA arrived, and they are lovely! I expected them to be way, way smaller! I must make an effort to collect some more. :D
There was also surfing Pika but he'll be in a larger pika update some time.

Aaaand a few more charms have snuck in since last time! I now have 28 different ones. @_@ Neeeed more! The local movie theatre has a machine in the foyer but it's past where you need a ticket to go in. I need to be super sneaky! Or pay to see PotC4 (yuk).
i am super sad an organised them by how much I like them, and themes. The chain of the big rubber E is jammed on the board, ignore it.

Plastic Chitty Chitty Bang Bang FTW (but I had to stop using it because by god did it hurt to stab myself in the leg pocket)!

Pika collection! I have 4/6 from the machines without getting a double (moody, attacking, laughing, sad). I think I may have to snag the last 2 from eBay (sleeping and I forget what).. Or gamble! the berry chu and waving chu are older.

My favourites I hang together:

That's all for now! Other than finishing up some GA payments, I'm not looking for anything this month.

Be seeing you. :)
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