Gin・ジン・仁・:) (denkimouse) wrote in pkmncollectors,

okay here we go

welcome to random sales version three, AKA my collection weeding and closet cleaning! we have one rare raichu for offer, cheap cheap clearfiles, and a whole bunch of "offer anything, no really, literally anything, give it your best shot" stuff!

raichu figure for offers! he is very big, about 3.5 inches tall, as big as a jakks figure perhaps? i have only ever seen two -- the one in my collection, and this one. don't miss him!! offers for him begin at 30$. i will end offers when they stop coming in, or i get one that is satisfactory.

more images (of my own):

these stickers are 5$ each.

pichu is all that's left for now, and i'm looking for about 20$ for him.

these are gigantic posters. misty is very rare, and i am looking for about 30$ for her. you can make any offer for the B/W poster :)

all clearfiles 6$, or 9$ shipped! i have doubles of many, so even if someone else asked first in comments, if it's not blanked out i might still have it.

the reshiram and zekrom clearfiles have the other dragon on the back in matching art.

OFFER ANYTHING SALES!!! just offer anything. seriously!

the small things are little wooden stamps, mint condition! the shiny plusle kid and sleepy pachirisu need some magic eraser cleaning, but are otherwise ok-condition.

on that note, i've also added the entire sugimori clearfile collection to sunyshore. right now it's the main thing i will be selling as the rest looks rather breakable or gigantic, but i will bring back more goodies saturday probably!

Tags: sales
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