Kat (blackdog333) wrote in pkmncollectors,

The "call to sympathy" multipurpose post!

Well, this is made up entirely of reminders, but these are very special reminders:

First, this GA:

it was going to end tomorrow, June 1st, but because of lack of bids it's going to be extended one more week.
This was made into a GA both because pheonixxfoxx is in dire need of cash, and because she would like these beloved items to be sold to people in the comm, rather than random strangers in eBay or else.
So this is the first call to sympathy: Help a fellow member in need and at the same time win yourself a rare Suicune item!

And second:

A small reminder since everyone who has money seemed to look over it xD
This customs post:

i made it because i need some money to pay some debts,
and none of the slots have been claimed so far!
if you'd like, you can talk to me about the price if you can't pay what's asked but can still pay a bit less :3
i won't judge you! xD
Tags: custom, group auction, samurott, suicune
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