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Ritzy ☆ リッシィ

Re-introduction post!


My name is Ritzy and I collect flareon. Some of you may remember me, you new folk probably won't, but I haven't been active on here in months because of [REDACTED]. I am hoping to change that because, let's face it, you people are awesome.

Plus, what better way to re-introduce myself than by showing a previously unknown, official flareon plush! Which I have mischievously tucked under the cut.

I desperately need to reorganize/catalog my collection. 8| Haven't done that yet (it's a personal project to get done over this summer) so I just took a couple of pics of some of my more rarer items.

I'm not sure if it's sad or awesome that not everything fits onto these shelves.. (Spoiler: Answer is awesome.) However, this shows essentially 98% of my flareons.

Plush! :D The three pokedolls are different releases (original, US re-release, minky).

The new discovery is the one on the far left! I didn't know it even existed until a friend (who I don't know if she'd want to be named?) showed me and helped me get it! ;3; I have the best friends ever. Seriously. He's a little plush clippy (picture of back) of adorableness. Then we have the canvas plush, bell plush, and the German Festival plush! I can't remember if I made a post when I got my German guy or not, but he was another "never seen before" that a friend helped me get.

Fuzzy figure, cups, weighted "rolly" pokeball figure, TFG figure, and tupperware drink lid!

151 keychains (in both variations of gold/silver), mini gameboy.. thing (I really have no idea wtf it is), mini-die, silver keshimon, and pins!

And there you have it! I can't wait to meet the new members who have joined and get re-aquatinted with everyone else. If you have any questions about my collection (or, lol [I know this won't happen], non-TCG flareon items for sale/trade) feel free to shoot me a message! ♥
Tags: collection, flareon
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