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Collection Update! and a few wants <3

*note to anyone who bought from me: ALL packages have been shipped :) *

FIRST! some GETS!!!
When I first joined the comm I was introduced to the EVER BEAUTIFUL Johto Dex Charms
And wanting to narrow my search I chose 3 that I really wanted!!

I have since obtained 2/3!!!

Lapras Dex Charm!

I love this little girl. Shes so cute and perfect! <3
(thank you bree, you know why you are awesome)


Kingdra! <3 <3 I love this mighty seahorse.
For some reason I feel Kingdra needs more fins lol... but i love him none the less.

All that is left of my original 3 is Quagsire... I've only seen him on Y!J once... and I was outbid ;( I did my best though
Hopefully he comes up again soon!! He is my one true derpy love.

Now for a collection overview!

Slowly but surely My collection is taking shape and direction.
There are still some randoms that make their way into my heart;
but I am really trying to do my best to limit my merch buying to just my main collections

(Quagsire, Lapras, Kingdra, and other misc water type pokes (and ditto... i cant help myself))

My first lil kid collection. I have a few more on their way but I love these to death
and my big bad jakks quagy. I like to pretend Lugia is Water/Psychic lol..... who needs flying... pish!!

The start of a little lapras collection <3 she is so pretty full! 
I recently got that Lapras Pokemon Time wallet ... its so pretty... but i feel like i spent too much on it...
which makes me reluctant to take it out of the package/use it.

DIS!! I gave in and bought a ditto-chu off ebay. Yet something else I am reluctant to open...
I love it SOOOO much... look at THAT FACE!!!... I wanna SQUEEEEEZE him
but I feel like if i take him out of the box I am greatly diminishing his value ;A;
*so torn!*

~ some randomly amassed charms and pins... This is my true weakness: 

"pants on the round, pants on the ground, looking like a fool w/your pants on the ground!"
... seriously... who doesn't love scraggy... even if its just a little... look at dat face. lol

At first I didn't really care for the swing key chains... but after getting a couple I am really starting to love them.
They aren't QUITE as nice as the johto dex ones but they are still beautiful and adorible.
Plus the larger hook allows me to put them on more stuff ><;

I really need to find a way to display my charms that my boyfriend can agree with me on...
I was just going to do a cork board but ...
hes always worried "the house is going to look like a little kid lives here!"
(he likes pokemon too, hes just super anal about how the house looks so my collection hides in the closet atm -___-;)
I'm thinking a type of shadowbox or something... well see.

OMG OMG I <3 Halloween and I LOVE THIS. seriously. one of my favorite things.
I think when October rolls around I will be doing some Halloween customs...
~I don't care what color you are SUPPOSE to be.... all pokemon are black and orange for hallows eve!~

I saw a sneak peak of some of the stuff to come for this year...
I really hope they do more pumpkin heads or something....
I liked the other plush but sometimes the "halloween accessories" are kinda flimsy :X

And the start of a small but wonderful card collection. I got these in a trade with poketr
they were very generous and found me some wonderful cards of my lovelies.


#1 - Quagsire Johto Dex Charm *GRAIL*

#2 - Ditto Roll Stamp

(credit to miss-fu-chan, I'll take the pic down if you'd like)

#3 - Ditto-chu kid (cute ditto body!)

(idk where the image is from... but ITS CUTE!!)

#4 - Vaporeon Kid ⇓

(This is the Vaporeon I want)

✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯Last little reminder✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯

Auction for a custom plush slot ends tomorrow: 

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