Gin・ジン・仁・:) (denkimouse) wrote in pkmncollectors,

thank you, pokemonblogspot (PS: i love you! :D), for this great sneak-peek of a shaymin plush! yeah, yeah, it's cute. *grumbles about having no space for a damn grass-type no matter how cute and cuddly and adorable and sweet and wonderful it may be*

anybody notice how shaymin always looks...sad? i wonder what happened? it should have switched its car insurance to geiko =|

well, here is an updated list of people who need to FEEEEED MEEEEEE. i mean, pay me munz. same thing? well, here's the updated list anyway. please pay ASAP, i want this stuff sent off today if possible so i can start throwing away things/putting things on ebay/updating sunyshore, and i'd feel bad if i accidently threw out your precious thingy on accident. for the record, the first stuff to go on ebay from sunyshore will be stuff from "others" mostly, and also "figures". next will be keychains. god, keychains! go get it now if you think you'll be sad later.

under the cut... my paypal info, and everyone who reserved menkos, colored figures, and the KFC figure winners info....Collapse )

on a final note... JAPANESE! WITH GIN presents:

大人買い 【おとながい】 (n,vs) (col) buying a large amount (esp. of collectible items aimed at kids, such as manga); ED

*glances around nervously*
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