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Free sleeve #4

Hi there!

During the last pokemon card game tournament one of my boys tore a couple of his sleeves in a bad shuffling accident. It's too bad because the sleeves were brand new. We didn't have enough extra to replace the torn sleeves so we just re-sleeved to new ones. That means I have a bunch of sleeves to give away (20 in total for now).

These sleeves have been played in about 7 games total so not much use at all, but please note that they are used sleeves. They will not be torn, ripped or severely bent, but they will have some slight scratches (mostly visible when you hold it up to a light at an angle) from being moved around and shuffled.

The sleeve this time is Zorua/Zoroark sleeve (image below). If you have received a sleeve from me before I would appreciate a ref :)

How this works:
1. Please reply on this thread that you want a sleeve
2. I will send you a PM with my address
3. Please send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to me (PLEASE read below if you don't know what this is - I received several empty envelopes last time) Please note your Livejournal ID so I know who it is coming from.
4. Please leave me a ref once you receive the free sleeve :)

More details:
- I ship from the USA
- I send the sleeve inside a clear plastic bag along with a piece of cardboard as backing. The total weight is less than 1oz so a regular First Class Stamp is enough for the return postage to the USA.
- For international shipments, please let me know where you are located and I can check on the USPS web site to see how much regular envelope costs to mail...just in case...

What you need: 2 envelopes, 2 stamps, 1 pen
Step 1: Envelope #1: TO (put YOUR address), FROM (put MY address), apply stamp
Step 2: Envelope #2: TO (put MY address), FROM (put YOUR address), apply stamp
Step 3: put envelope #1 INSIDE envelope #2 and mail away!
**Please be sure enough postage is applied to each envelope if you are outside of the USA**

Sorry, it isn't a full pack of 32 sleeves, it's just a single sleeve :)

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