Mariana (itsmemaa) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Anyone up to co-host these GB?

So I wrote more than half of the post and my browser closed

Anyway *cough* Anyone up to co-host these GB? I would need someone to ship them. Which also means that you would be buying them too n_n They come from the same seller, which means combined shipping :D
I will do post, threads and spreadsheets (though I'll not have the shipping values, so that part you'll need to send to me. n_n")

Tomy Chocoball Figures! Each one will be $6 without shipping.
Apparently Pikachu is really rare and that raised the total.
I will be claiming Blaziken, Duskull and Kyogre.

Dex Figures and... Hm. I'm not what the other two are. Pencil Toppers too? Each one is $3.5 each without shipping.
I am claiming Altaria, Swablu, Wailmer, Wailord, and the Wailord Pencil Topper.
Since we can have combined shipping, first payment is for the total overall, second one is for shipping (from the seller) and third one is for the second shipping (from the sweet person that would be helping me/myself)!

Interested in helping me? Let me know!

Also, even if no one shows up, if you are interested in participating, let me know! As soon as the strike ends I'll host them myself if no one shows up :3
Thank you very much!
Now have a picture of me being stupid with my new Groudon Recall
He's too cute
My precious baby <3

(If anything is wrong, let me know! I'm always hesitant before posting anything here <_>)
Tags: sales, tomy
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