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Hand over my heart, gun to my head.

Tissuepapernet GA of Awesome

Today pokepalace  and I bring you a GA full of fun things. tissuepaperpet  has put a lot up for grabs and naturally it became a GA.

There's more goodness inside as well as some more pictures.

The GA will be running until 8PM EST on June 8th.
  • Bid in increments of $1
  • No sniping
  • All community rules apply here.
  • pokepalace  and I both have sales permission
  • There will be two payments. One for your item + shipping to pokepalace and one for the shipping from pokepalace  to you.
  • I will be doing threads and posts. pokepalace will be handling money and shipping.
    • All plush start at $2 except Halloween Gengar which starts at $5
    • All figures start at $1
    • Stickers/boxed thing starts at $5 and the Pokewalker starts at $10
I will be claiming Emolga and Pansage at $20 and willing to go higher if necessary.
pokepalace  will be claiming Audino, Mew, Mew and Togepi at $25 and willing to go higher if necessary.

I kindly ask you to wait until all threads are in place before you bid. ^_^ threads are up. gogogo! 

Also, more pictures and conditions to come later. :)

Conditions list. If you're worried about the condition of something, please check here.

Mudkip plush - No tags; Stiching on tail needs repairing

Jakks Cherubi - MWT

Hasbro Beanie Meowth - Tush tag only; Whiskers intact

PC Tabunne - MWT though tag is unattached

Hasbro Beanie Mew - Very loved; Missing felt eye pieces

Jakks Shellos Blue & Pink - Tush tags only; Very cute

PC Emonga - MWT though tag is unattached

Banpresto Pansage - MWT

Banpresto Halloween Gengar - MWT

Kids - ( Mint unless listed otherwise )

Gyrados laying
Gyrados upright
Blue Shellos
Pink Shellos
Clear Marrill
Regice ( surface marks )
Regice ( surface marks )
Buneary Attack
Buneary Folded Paws
Bulbasaur ( i believe this is a stadium figure ) - It does have it's base
Weezing ( surface marks/scratches )
BK Gengar ( does not light up )

Togepi Friends plush ( tush tag, no box )
Munchlax ( tush tag only )
Mew Friends plush ( tush tag, no box )
Zekrom/Reshiram plastic box ( this came with a magazine; It will be shipped flattened )
Sticker sheet ( also came from a magazine )
Snivy charm
Oshawott charm
Tepig charm ( all three charms came from a magazine as well; They have small holes in the bottom to connect them together; Not for regular sale, to my knowledge; Mint )
Pokewalker ( does work at last use; I no longer have soul silver, though, to try it out so I can't guarantee that it still works )

Additional pictures:

This GA has ended. Thanks for bidding.
Tags: group auction
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