cupxkake (cupxkake) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Boring requests and questions post?

Edit: what if I would stop using 'pokedolls' instead of just plushies what if e_e'

Hello everyone!~

I've been a member for a while now, lurking in the dark forever....  I have yet to make an introduction post, but I'll make one as soon as I get the time to take pictures of my small collection!

But nooow, the main reason of this post is to request some plushies... and informations!

First of all, I may or may not ask for a 1:1 Scraggy pokedoll for my birthday.... But first I'd like to know if it's still possible to find any, and how much it costs, approximatively? It would be shipped to Canada, if that could help...?

And if not, there is a couple of normal-sized pokedolls I'd like to get, but I still fail at finding them... I'm not a really good collector to be honest xD
So if anyone is doing a pick-up in store where they still sell them, or have any they would be willing to sell, here is my wishlist:


Aaaand that's all for now !

Also my friend asked me if I could lookout for either Marill, Chikorita or Espeon plush for one of her cosplay.

So that's all~ Thanks a lot for reading! I'll make sure to make an intro post as soon as my room is cleaned xD!

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