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Cherry time ^^

 Hi everyone!

May cherries at my grandparents summer house have already ripened so photo time ^^

Let's go
Gizike accompanied my on the way ^^

Gizike: Ooooh what's this, is it for me????
Me: A strawberry and yes i'm sure you'll love it XD

Gizike: Look here is more^^
Me: Do you want to move on?
Gizike: Sure^^

Me: Let me help you. See cherry ^^
Gizike: Woooow

Gizike: I can climb on a tree ^^
Me: Don't fall off!

Gizike: I love cherry XD

Gizike: Yaaay cherry!!!!


Suddenly a lizard appeared out of nowhere!

He scared me so much XD But he is a real beauty ^^ He is a Western Green Lizard. He was sleeping under the cherry tree and i didn't notice him, only when i was trying to come down from the tree. I was a quite surprised when i found myself standing beside him XD
As for me i adore cherry it's my favourite fruit :))))) I arrived home with a tray and 2 buckets of cherry XDXD I should go again somewhen because there is cherry still on the trees who are waiting for me XDXD

So anyway here's a gigantic cherry :

I accidentally left my sd memory card for my camera at home  so yay for internal memory XDXD And yet i was able to take 10 pics on 2 mp.....
So i couldn't take any more pictures sadly...... ( the last 2 pics ended up being me up on the cherry tree XD)

Oh yes i updated my sales so check it ^^

Click on the banner to be transported ^^

Thanks reading ^^
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