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TCG Trades updated! :3 (also looking for cards+ question) multi post

 So I have heard back from everyone about trades (except numarashi, please get back to me asap) So I have added more cards to my tcg trades! Please feel free to come and check it out! (I will also be updating my sales post soon ;3)

Rares/ uncommons/ promos/ japanese:

Common cards:

*Also, I am on the hunt to finally finish my Arceus collection! I am missing psychic Arceus, fighting Arceus and I am searching for a promo in english of this arceus card:

I am also looking for any cards of: eeveelutions, raichus (any raichu things really, lol!), legendaries
And kids of: wailord, garchomp and custom painted shiny luxray :3

As for those figures I posted pictures of in a post the other day: 

^^^Yeah those there (and more) XD^ Here is the link to that post:  pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/9300597.html
Well I will be posting a sale for them soon but I was wondering before I do a post for them, do you think I should make it into a GA or just a sale? Let me know your opinion com, thanks <3
Tags: arceus, cards, charmander, kids
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