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Reintroduction -- Collection Update -- Sales!

Hello my favorite group of people everrr. ♥

I'm seriously overdue for an update, and my excuse of, "I'll just wait until everything comes in" just doesn't work, because I just KEEP buying more and more amazing thing. So now that I'm settled comfortably in front of my laptop, in bed, with all my pictures finally taken, my website well on it's way, I figured it was time to suck it up and just POST ALREADY. SO, for our newcomers....

I am Ariane, I'm a 19 year old french-canadian girl from Cornwall, Ontario, Canada~  I just finished my 2 year program in 3D Animation in a college in Ottawa! Woohoo! I'm graduating! My dream is to become a concept artist or 3D modeller in the video game world (or in my fantasy world, a prop-maker). But right now, I'm just enjoying my summer. Like most members here, I've been collecting since my childhood, as I grew up in Pokemon's prime time, so I'll save you the blabla on that. I hardcore collect Zorua, which is my most complete collection. But I also collect fairly intensely the eeveelutions. As side collections, I have human characters, Suicune, Raikou, Entei, Vulpix, Growlithe, Buizel, Lugia, Raichu, MWT Jakk's Plush, cute plush in general, and I'd like to start collecting Mincinno and Emolga. I started collecting around the time I joined, a little over a year ago, led here by Gin's site. It was her Raichu collection that made me fall in love with seeing such complete collections and such rare obscure items for something as simple as a game I used to play as a kid. Thanks Gin, because of you, I've discovered all this! ♥

So without further ado...

Let's start this! When you enter my room if you turn to the left, you'll see...


Fiou! I just counted for all you curious mankeys out there. I currently own 92 official Zoruas! This is a mixture of plush, figures, misc, and flats! I am missing but 3 (#$@%#% hard to find) plush to own all official released plush to date! I started collecting the dark fox casually, and then... it exploded! I enjoyed the fact that everything seemed achievable, and even the rarer gets, didn't feel impossible like a lot of the older Pokemon merch. I hope to make this collection as complete as possible. I have so many people to thank for making this possible, but namelythat_zorua  and nanoplasm for helping me find a lot of these! Also, that empty shelf is for future Mincinnos and Emolgas. <3


Giant. Freaking. Namco. Raffle. Prize. Zorua.
HELL YEA. This cost me literally my kidney, but that's okay. Because there's only, oh, LIKE A HANDFUL THE WORLD?! He's hugeeeee, just look at him up there compared to my boyfriend, who is about 5' 9" tall! HOLY. And he weighs a WHOPPING 20 POUNDS. He's.. amazing. Thank you to em_lemon  for parting with Sir Foxy (I TOLD YOU I HAD THE PERFECT PLACE FOR HIM :DD ) He is my most precious piece, and definitely the hardest to find. He was an exclusive raffle prize at Namco parks in Japan during the movie promotions! There is no official number of these produced, but it's not many! He's the king of my room! ♥♥

Anyways, I could keep ranting about him but there's so much more to see! D: If you keep to the right you see....

THE EPIC SIDE COLLECTION UNIT. Here you see all my side collections and stuff. Also, Tron riding Dialga. Regardless, I love this shelving unit. ;__; It's amazing. Anyways, on top are the overflow of Eevees that don't fit in my Eevee shelf! And yes, the big one is Thorvee. I think you can see a good overview of these without needing closeups of everything, except...

MY TRAINERSSSS YESSS. I got an Erika and Yellow TFG too... but they were broken in the mail, and I'm trying to figure out if they are fixable... I'm really heartbroken about that. :C But anyways! I have SO MANY MORE OF THESE on the way, like, literally... 12+ in the mail. I am ENTHOUSIASTICALLY LOOKING FOR MORE NONE FLATS OF ANY TRAINER. My grail for these would be the Gary metal figure (which I would love a picture if possible!) My favorite is Gary Oak but I love them all. The big Ash plush is a bootleg, but it's fabulous! Sighhh. <3

Anywho, if you look behind you...

Hanging on my bed is my MWT Jakk's plush collection! I usually only pick up my favorites, on cheap ones, but I'm starting to expand to any Jakk's that is mint. I love how they look all together. ♥ I know a lot of people frown upon Jakks, but they've managed some nice things too!

And now...... to the right...

My eeveelutions! Now, the top shelf has an empty shelf, and some only half full because I only recently installed the bottom shelf! I adore my eeveelutions. and I have the final 2 plush I need to own one of each official released plush! I am also working on getting all rereleases of the Pokedoll. ALMOST DONE. I don't want to waste too much time ranting about these though, as I have another upcoming update which some VERY special eeveelus. ♥ Although, I just wanted to throw out there that I have an extra minky hangtagless official Vaporeon Pokedoll that I have for trade. I'd love a velboa, or another minky eeveelu.

OMG OKAY THAT'S IT FOR NOW, I've been typing for a couple hours! If you want closeups of anything, MOST things are up on my collection website; but if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask! Also, something else I've been working on tonight, my sales post! The PLEASE GET THIS STUFF OUTTA MY CLOSET SALES:


Thank you so much for reading, for selling to me, for being there, supporting, selling and being the amazing people you all are. I wish I could meet you all and give you big hugs! <33 Goodnight!

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