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model GA update

These pretties arrived today safe and sound - on the last day before the dreaded post office strike, no less. >:3
That being said, will the following members please read under the cut for some important information:
darkangellilith dukeburger lil_rebbitzen marshallgregson pantherotter roxiired ryunwoofie sir_develon faiarrow

Okay, so due to the strike, the post office won't be operating. Supposedly there will be temp non-post office workers running the place, but I doubt they'll be very helpful (especially in terms of getting shipping quotes), and I don't want any of my packages - incoming or outgoing - sitting around.
That being said, I am unable to ship any of your models until the strike is settled. I'm so, so sorry for the inconvenience. I'm just glad they got to me safe and sound.

There is a bit of good news - the boxes are in AMAZING condition - near mint! The pieces inside are, of course, still MIP. Also, they're fairly light boxes, so they shouldn't cost a lot to ship! :) When the time comes, I will also provide the option to either ship it without the box, or simply flatten the box. Those who won multiple models will probably have theirs shipped in a box though.
I will also have enough bubble wrap to last me for probably a year... and that's including the stuff I popped while taking out my frustration regarding the strike. xD

Keep an eye out for another update from me, and cross your fingers/toes/tails/noses that a settlement is reached quickly! Till then, cheers, and thanks so much for participating in this GA! <3
I will definitely be holding more in the future, because there's no greater pleasure than coming home at the end of the day to a giant box full of Pokemon stuff - and the best thing about it is that you didn't even have to pay for all of it! xD
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