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A Little Update Before I Go!

I haven't been around much at all lately. @_@ Life has been craaaaaaazy for me the past few months so I haven't had the time to be around! I thought I'd do a little update before I leave on (what I think is a well-deserved) vacation on Monday. I did take a little break and went to Fanime last weekend where I bought one of my mini-grails!

(Ack...sorry about the earlier post. I accidentally hit the enter key x_x)

So first of all...for those of you who don't know, I LOVE talking Pokemon plush! I would say I'm a decent collector of them. XD When I went to FanimeCon last weekend, I couldn't believe what I found in the dealer's hall:

Pose De Ippai Oshaberi Pochama~!
I've been looking all over for one to match my Pikachu version of this! I couldn't find one for under $80 + Shipping so when the seller told me he was $60, I immediately said I'd take it. :D
He says 29 different phrases depending on what you do with him! Very interactive and adorable!
I've named him Bubbles. >_> (If you recognize him, that's because on Saturday I was wearing my modified Piplup Kigurumi and was carrying him around.)

I also found another talking plush I had been looking for at the same store too!

Talking Cyndaquil! Soooooo cute! I haven't thought of a name for him yet...
That store also had a Talking Marill, but I didn't have enough money for him. ;_; I really wanted to go back to get him too. (If only they would've had a talking Land forme Shaymin...That would have been the best day of my life.)

I also found this totally adorable Zorua mask! I really want to wear it everywhere, but I can't. D:

After I was done in the dealer's hall, I went into Artist's Alley! I totally love seeing all the different things for sale in there!
I bought pins and charms and some adorable hairclips!

(Super cute Pikachu and Oshawott charms!)

Stickers~! :D
I also got some flats, but I won't post them just in case it's not okay by the artists. >_>

I also got a few new Pokemon Center plush. My mom's friend brought them back for me from Nintendo World! :D

DX Piplup Pokedoll! So soft! I really want a DX Pikachu now because of it.

My new Pokemon Center Plush:

And lastly, my local Target actually got new Black and White stuff, so I snagged myself a reversible Oshawott plush. <.<

And just for fun, I rearranged my shelves again so I could have all of my talking plush and pokedolls together:

Anyway, that's it for this update. I have no idea when I'll update again, so just go and have a good night everyone! XD
Tags: cyndaquil, emolga, minccino, oshawott, panpour, piplup, zorua
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