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Desires~ :o

Why hello there pkmncollectors. I have some wants that I'd like to throw out there to see if anyone has such things to sell me! c: Pssst... It involves a lot of derpiness...

So, as most of you can guess, I'm a fan of snorlax. I have most of the stuff I want of his that I can afford right now (coughcough dx snorlax pokedoll you will be mine some day ;o; coughcough)

The one item that evades me EVERY TIME of this community is the snorlax zukan.

Just look at that beauty. ;o; I always miss it by a couple minutes. Some day I will own you, you pretty pretty zukan.


Darumaka is definitely my favorite Gen 5 pokemon and he is the only other pokemon I currently collect full throttle. Alas, when all his merchandise came out, I was in the process of paying off my car and had no funds. NOW when I have my car paid off, he has no merchandise for months. /sads

Anyways, I am looking for the many items I could not afford at the time, but now will be able to buy like.. one or two for now. haha. c: Here is ze list!

Darumaka tomy:

Darumaka phone straps/keychains... any of them:

Darumaka card box and card sleeves:

Darumaka pokecenter plush, regular kid, and that thing on a yellow wheel... I forget the name. ;o;

AND MOST OF ALL.... the darumaka chopstick holders. ;o; I need these in my life like omg.

So if any of you have any of these, it would be greatly appreciated. c: Thank you all for being awesome and I'll do a collection post soon, since I got some fun stuff in the mail recently. Whee~
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