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Collection update of sorts? It's small. But price check? and Trades?! And so many inspirations!

Hiya luckies!~ :D Well. I went to my friends house today, and got some awesome stuff from her for free to say the least! :D I figured I could do a small update, sine it's so awesome and I re-did a very special shelf to me. (Along with a hammock my ferret used to have.)

My Gizimimi Pichu? Yeah. She's stylish. And singing. What's she singing you ask? Here's what I hear:
Living in the limelight
The universal dream
For those who wish to seem.
Those who wish to be
Must put aside the alienation,
Get on with the fascination,
The real relation,
The underlying theme.

Not much has changed here, except for the plush on top, the TOMY's, and the posters in the back.


Pika. Freaking. Chu. You love it. ;D

Buizel PokeDoll! Omg. I loveee it! :D

BLUE. I love blue. xD My favorite color. Just sayin'. LOOK AT MY LOVELY BUTTRIBBONS.

Stuff on top of the shelf! I put Emolga and Zoroark on there. :3 I love Emolga~

I now keep my electric babies next to Zekrom.. I blame denkimouse for me loving them. :p She inspires me, to say the least.

I had to drink coffee to make it through this post without sleeping.. Man. I love coffee. I just found my gift card for Starbucks too! /Let'sCelebrate.

NOW. For my most treasured and special shelf...

My humans collections! :D I spyyyyyyyy... Juniper! And Mizuho Kazami (Kusanagi. Whichever name you wanna go by. ;D)

My lovely lovely Juniper's! :D Oh, how I love them so.

And, she's here too. ;D

Awh, yeah! I love these two guys. ;D

It appears Mrs. Mizuho has a team of Pokemon. ;D They are all lovely. ;D

Mizuho approves of her team.

Wailord!<3 One of the ones my friend gave me. ;D

Konata! ;D Makes me think of karoia everytime I see it. :p

This is what you see when you walk in my room. ;D A mess, I know, I know. xD (Was I on FaceBook?) I have two fans, yes. It's so hot in Floridaaaaaaaa! I can't sleep if it's hot.

Ohai, my computer. It gots stuffs on it. ;D Ohai Juniper and Fennel! You two are my favorite couple everrrrrrrrr!

I liek Pokedolls. And Mudkipz.

Nothing new I think... But. I SEE MOAR JUNIPER!

3 of my favorite Japanese release pokedolls... They're so freaking adorable. And that Shaymin feels like a rug I used to have..

Turns out I found one of these at my friends house... It was one of mine I left at her house years ago. xD And I found it. One of them is going to be sold. I could trade the other one. I'm not a fan of it.

Time for this set of shelves!<3 Ignore the messy vanity next to it.

Movies. Autographed shoe. Autographed bear. Usa-Chan. Notebook. iPhone.




These guys just chill on my bed all the time. 8) I needa have GizimimiChu, since she's my snuggle buddy at night!~ Juniper is there since so many awesome people on here send me lottsa Juniper cards and I have run out of room for them right now! I am getting a PokeMon Center NYC binder from a friend tomorrow though! :D WOHOO.

Above my closet! :D IT'S SO CUTE.

And now. For the stuff above my bed! MY WALL OF FLATSSSS!

My ferret hammock I found! :D It's so cute. :3 I love it.<3 Plus it brings back good memories of my lovely Cupcake.<3
So, I put my favorite PokeDolls in there.<3
2 Vaporeon (both given to me by my friend.), Jolteon (another gift.), Umbreon, Flareon, Espeon (a gift!), Mew, and Grimer (Of course! He started my collection, after all.)


I love her so much! :D So soft and beautiful.<3 This is only PokeDoll, who for whatever reason, didn't have her tag snipped off when my friend got her from the PokeCenter website! :D The others have tags, but not attached..

These guys are currently hanging from my ceiling! :D They are so awesome! :D Let's hope they don't fall..

Pikachu, Piplup, and Wicked Lady I got from serasell. c:

Professor Juniper is on my bored of stuffs I get from friends and notes. ;D

And one of Vaporeon's pokedoll tags. :3

Now that that is all said and done- I have a question. How much is a 2005 Vaporeon PokeDoll worth? :o (I know it's 100% official.)


I would love to do some trades with some of you! :D
I have some Pokedolls and kids and random crap I would be up to trading.
I don't trade for cards though! 
I'm looking for:

Chillarmy PokeDoll, PokeCen plush (Japanese release.), PokeDoll pen, shoulder bag (I'm about to buy it from eBay soon if no one here has it.), and anything else Chillarmy really!
Munna and Musharna PokeCen plush (Japanese release.), Pokedoll pen, Jakks plush, jakks figure, and anything else Munna/Musharna!

I love PokeCenter merch as well! :D I'm pretty up to trading for anything just about, that's PokeCenter. ;D

Also- Don't forget to check out my sales! :D
Thanks for reading guys! :D A lot of you inspire me! :D Hm. Imma say my biggest inspirations on here are denkimouse, miss_fuu_chan, anddd mellow_candy 

You guys are pretty. Darn. Awesome. Just saying. (And so is everyone else on here! )
Tags: eevee, elekid, espeon, flareon, jolteon, pichu, umbreon, vaporeon
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