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GA#10 by couchpotatonet

GA#10 by couchpotatonet


found an auction with a few v-trainers.  Houndoom anyone?

3 days for this auction.




- Granted sales permission on 03/10/11 by denkimouse

- All standard community and GA rules apply!

- Bidding will end on Monday, June 6th @ 12 am (Midnight) CST

- Please make bids in response to previous bids, with increments of at least $1

- Any thread with a bid placed in the last five minutes of the auction will be extended until 5 minutes has passed without a bid.

- No deleting bids or backing out.

-  Bids are in increments of $1.

- You must be ready to pay immediately once the invoice is in.

- There will be 2 payments. 

                Payment 1 – auction price + shipping & fees to me 

                Payment 2 – shipping & fees from me to you

-  I will be shipping from USA 72758. 

-  I will not be claiming anything.  I will bid with everyone else. 

Sorry for the poor picture, the seller doesn’t have any better ones.




You can bid as I create threads, Thanks.

 Okay, all threads up. Bid away.
Canceled due to lack of interest.

Tags: alakazam, blastoise, charizard, charmander, clefable, dragonite, geodude, gloom, graveler, group auction, growlithe, houndoom, jigglypuff, machamp, mankey, misdreavus, mudkip, nidoking, nidoran, pachirisu, pikachu, raichu, rhyhorn, slowpoke, suicune, vigoroth, zapdos
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