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Sales and Auctions!

Hi all!
There are things I want to buy. But to buy things, I need money. To get money, I need to work sell things. SO! Time to part with some more items, it seems...


Sales Terms - Please Read

I ship from Australia, where postage is incredibly high. So, in an effort to make things simpler:
I hold for 24 hours only
I will haggle!
I am also more than happy to do discounts on multiple purchases, just ask!
Payment through paypal, and bank deposit in Australia!


Saumrott - $42 shipped
Growlithe - $30 shipped  SOLD

Sheep zukan - $15 shipped 

Talking Palm Lucario - $30 shipped


So. I need money for boots, therefore I am parting with some of my more precious items! It makes me sad to do so, but the time has come for them to go, I think.


Prices DO NOT include shipping;
-mini binder = $9.50
-zukan = $4.00

All community auctions rules apply
- if a bid is place within the last 5 mins of the auction, the auction will automatically be extended for another 5mins until 5mins have passed without any more bids.
-any deliberate attempts to snipe will be automatically disqualified!
-please respond to the last person in the appropriate thread, or your bid will not count

Auctions end June 7th, 10:30 pm EST
Check the countdown here

The items:

Revival of Lugia Mini Binder:

MINT, never used.
Size reference here.
Holds two card per page.
Starts @ $10

Altaria Zukan

Mint, perhaps a little dusty.
Starts @ $8

Sometime last year I held an auction for this card:

I believe I received payment, but never received and address! I this was you, please let me know so I can send it out!
Otherwise, please eel free to express interest :)
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