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Browsin' SMJ with my newfound Japanese language packs~
Tiny Lugia? Weird puppetMew and adorable Squirtle xD Mainly posted this because I don't think I've seen that Lugia before! I thought maybe someone might be interested.

Ahh that is my favorite Pikachu plush ever XD I love that pose.. looks like how Pikachu walks in SSB: Brawl when he's crouched down. [nerd] Cuuute. Where's he from? Random release in Japan, UFO catcher..? I want one T_T But I must wait for income from sales posts to come in!

Speaking of which.. A bit of a collection update and future sale! I'll be getting a lovely lot of Kids in the mail soon, thanks to tsukiyashi! It was hard to tell from the SMJ pictures, but there seem to be more clear figures than I expected! Lots of lovelies, but Vulpix, Porygon, Gengar, and both Mewtwos are claimed already. I'll need to dig up my first post about these to remember who was interested in what. I think Sandshrew was the most popular o_o


Aaand finally. Random, but is anybody interested in a near-mint Rocket's Articuno EX card for $12ish? Will provide pictures if somebody's interested right this minute, but if not, that'll wait till my future fancy sales post.

Thanks for reading <3
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