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the beauty of N

Wow!! The Pokemon Center was completely mobbed yesterday! I had no idea. I arrived at the usual time to find a line wrapped around the building. Inside the Sugimori Art goods had such a tightly packed wall of humanity around them you could not access them no sir no how!! I did manage to get everyone's clearfiles though! :D And it was overall okay because the rest of the store wasn't packed at all XD

So what do you think it was? I can't figure it out myself -- Sugimori art being so beloved, or N being such a popular character (as most of the goods featured N). Combo of both? For sure. But here are some numbers from others at the Center: the framed collectible art was sold out within 20 minutes of the Center opening, and the clearfile set was gone by noon -- a new record!?

Part of my own haul! I love this stuff.

I also have some new goodies in Sunyshore!

Those badges are called "Pokemon WithU" and the proceeds go towards Japan's tsunami and earthquake victims. As such I have listed them shelf price without any commission fees, so please enjoy!

Last but not least PEEPS IN LA!!

We will still be doing a meetup on June 21st! After some research with LA PKMNcollectors, we think maybe the Arcadia mall where the B/W Mall Tour was held might be a good place to meet -- what do you all think? You know better than I. After some more opinions are gathered we can make a formal meeting place and time :D
Tags: sales, zekrom
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