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one, two, three...

I was originally planning to go on an extended hiatus because I felt I was becoming too obsessed with this hobby (as per a post I made months ago), but ended up coming back after a week because I love this community too much and I was confident that I can control my urge to not impulse buy anything unless I really really want it. pkmncollectors, I wish I knew how to quit you. D:

ANYHOW, phese guys arrived from Sunyshore today! (complete with an ADORABLE ZAPDOS DOODLE ♥)

I've wanted an Umbreon kid but never could get my hands on one (they were either out of my price range or people kept beating me to 'em) so I was happy to finally get one from the recent release. :D And, of course, as most people know I collect flying-types (mostly BIRDS), and no self-respecting bird collection is complete without the legendary trio! Which, speaking of them, here's my current collective of them:

As you can see, Zapdos is a little attention whore (we all love her like that!) with the most merch that I own while I only have a pencil topper, attacking kid, and TCG box of Articuno. ;_; I'm REALLY hoping to get my hands on an Articuno zukan as well as (thanks featherclaw!) for a Moltres zukan release; the Zapdos zukan is amazing (albeit difficult for me to construct since she kept on falling apart ._.;;;). I also have a Moltres model kit in transit to me; I can't wait for it to arrive!

Before Quilava, Lugia was my favorite GSC Pokemon thanks to the hype regarding the second movie and seeing his design for the first time; I instantly decided to get the Silver version because of him. I still love him, even though as a favorite he was replaced by my starter Pokemon within the games. I only wish I had a Pokedoll!

My favorite part of this collective, though, is the remote controlled Lugia I got in my latest SMJ box. He's ridiculously fun to mess around with. :D;;;

The button on the left makes him go in circles and makes a whiz-bang sound and the button on the right makes him go in a straight line with the sound of a Pokeball materializing. I REALLY wish that I could take video of it since despite being so simplistic, it's REALLY cute. ;_;
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