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Glameow TCG? // Card Trades

Hi! ^^

Tonight I'm posting looking for a particular TCG card. I recently discovered I'm only missing one Glameow card...which just happens to be my favorite of the Glameow cards. lol. I know where I can get one for $5 with 15 random cards, but I'd rather not spend that much money. I'd actually prefer to trade instead of buy this card....if possible.

So, does anyone have this card in mint/near mint condition they'd be willing to trade -

OH! (almost forgot), I'm also looking for a the Mew TCG Coin (I think it came with some kind of Mew deck set or something). So if someone has one of those for sale/trade, please let me know. :D

I have all the cards pictured here for trade (except a handful which have already been traded) - http://www.hemplan.org/users/Risha/ftp/TEMPORARY/ Along with some I got more recently that have not been photographed yet. I also have a few ultra rare (prime, lvl x, etc cards), but I wouldn't want to trade those for Glameow...those might be available for some of the wishlist cards below).

Along with the Glameow, I'm also willing to trade for the cards in this file (this is a little bit outdated, I probably have about 5-10 of the approximately 100-200 cards pictured (lol)) - http://www.hemplan.org/users/Risha/ftp/Card%20Wishlist%20Images/

Thanks for looking!
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