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So I Return from Toys n Joys (both stores)

So many choices, yet not enough! Their Sonic section is severely lacking (though not as bad as other stores tend to be hahaha). But anyway I did get the Werehog plush from the smaller store. Unfortunately it was $10 more than what I am willing to pay for one (and not being I'm super cheap, it was legitimately over suggested retail price), so I may either return it or sell it to a friend. Returning is hard to do since it's only by chance that I was able to go to Toys n Joys at all @__@; But anyway here's a picture of my little raid:

Korean Pokemon Stickers! These were the only and last ones at the big store... and it contains all four Gen 1 Pokemon that I collect (Farfetch'D, Porygon, Doduo, and Dodrio). It must be destiny!

The diamond in the rough of all stickers (actually the entire store)

Porygon and Honchkrow MIB Kids. I'm not a big Honchkrow fan as I am Murkrow (I wish Murkrow stayed as a non evolving Pokemon <__< ). There is also Doduo, Mew, and Murkrow. Was there a Porygon? I don't think I looked all that hard (because I was looking for Farfetch'D like a maniac). I am disappointed that Mew's box has a few creases and I didn't immediately noticed. I wish I had a car so I can go and get an exchange <__<; Or look for Porygon.

Boxed 1997 fuzzy figures. There wasn't a large selection as it was in the bargain bin (though I wish it was a bit more cheaper if it was in a bargain type bin). I love the Cubone and Marowak one. The box of Abra and Kadabra bothers me a lot, but since I was getting Venonat and Alakazam (Venonat is so cute), might as well get Alakazam's brothers >__>; I remember there was a Poliwhirl line (not sure if with Poliwag or Poliwrath) and Pikachu by himself. What that is so wrong, where's Raichu? Oh well.

Halloween Espeon, Delibird PokeDoll, and Laying Down Glameow all tagged. Unfortunately I somehow ended up picking up one of their two Delibirds with a creased tag. How can I make such a gross error? @_____@;;; Must return or exchange!

A large 12" Palkia made out of all of my unfavorite fabrics hahah... and a Croagunk. I'm not too much of a Croagunk fan...



And I'm throwing Werehog down here in case you want to see him. I believe he is priced too high in the shop for being something that is made in America... though I do get the fact that they have to import all of their goods anyway from Hawaii so it doesn't make a difference hahaha....

And remember that I said that I may fix up my Dialga plushie and turn him into Primal Dialga? No? Oh well, here's the WIP:

Hope you enjoy this raid report brought to you by SEGAMew! Oh and I'm still looking for many Leek Duck things!
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