mrjazzhands (mrjazzhands) wrote in pkmncollectors,

weeding out unwanted stuff in my collection so a small sale =]

ok so i dont have any images but i have these zukan for sale ( price includes shipping to anywhere )

meganium $9 ( i have 2 )
typhlosian $12
huntail, gorebyss, clampearl and barboach, wishcash bundle for $11
hariyama $9
celebi $10 ( i have 3 of these )
entei $13

ok so those are the zukan i also have a few cards for sale these are all holos not rev holos and all are in mint condition;

jirachi ex $14
claydol ex $8
electabuzz ex $6
skarmory ex $13
espeon from the aquapolis set and vaporeon from skyridge ( I think ) both for $13

and if i get desperate i may be willing to sell my umbreon ex and rockets mewtwo ex for about $20 each but it depends on if i sell anything but still if you are interested let me know =]

i may also be getting rid of my holos folder later this week (their is around 60-100 holos inside) and my tin full of other cards commons, uncommons, rares, energies, trainers ( 700-900 cards inside ) the whole lot would be about $65-75 shipped anywhere.

I only accept paypal and it is first come first served i will not hold anything for anyone as i really need the money ( you may haggle with me if my prices are too steep )
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