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Photostory and uses for tin

So this week I received a box from Sunyshore.
I also saved a poor Meowth from a lifetime of being stuck on a shelf at a comic book store (he would have been there forever; his companions were mostly pokemon beanies in dreadful condition at rip-off prices; and no; I couldn't save them as well!)

So Meowth came back to my house with a friend.

First of all they needed to get out of the bag:

"Come on; let's get out."

"It's a box? What's it doin' here?"
"Hello? Can you get me out of this bag?"

Meowth uses Cut! But it's already open....

Meowth uses Strength! Huh?

Bop! Meowth is headbutted out of the way!

"Be careful going down Jellybean."
"I will; what are you my mother?"

"Almost forgot..."

"Yay fresh air!"

Everyone gathered round the Knitted Raichu.
"We must rise up against these humans who incased us in these prisons; and trafficked us halfway across the world!"
"Oh give it a rest KR; it's better than being stuck in Japan." said Celebi. "The food's nicer."
"What's for dinner?" asked Meowth

Say hello to the new members of my collection. I don't know what fabric they're making the new Pokedolls out of; but Audino (Fruit Salad) kinda feels like a mix between minky and the original Plush Plush fabric. Meowth is an old Tomy Audely plush; I used to have one; and was casually looking for it; but whenever I spotted it in GAs I didn't have the money; it was a stretch at £8; but I figured he would end up costing that with shipping. Celebi is a Tomy plush; I got one for my friend last year and decided my collection needed one. Knitted Raichu belonged to Gin; and I bought him impulse; but he would look good with my other knitted Raichus. He's a lot bigger than I thought he would be; same with the tin. I went for this one as it had loads of my favourite characters; and I loved the light pencil-like colours. The tin is much deeper than I imagined. See below to see what I'm using it for.
I almost went for a few more plushes; I'm glad I didn't as I'm out of space. Doh!

These two are presents for my friends (I thought their birthdays were sooner than December; oops). Audino is called Jellybean; and I've no idea what the Naruto thing is; other than its from Naruto.

I decided to use the tin to display things; and what better to display than the metal charms; who's artwork is similar to the tin? I used a toilet roll tube to raise the display from the bottom of the tin; used some card to back the background; and a wallpaper test sheet as the background to the charms. It's come out alright:


And; I don't know what's goin' on here. Country & Western radio station?
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