Gastidri (raikourai) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Mini birthday collection update :)))))

 Hi everyone! I have a small birthday update, since today is my birthday :)))))) Yay i'm officially 19! :D

I don't have much time since the night is waiting for me, aswell as my friends:)))))) I"ll have another collection update when my other gifts arrive, with a reintro post aswell :D

So onto gets :)))))
Little Zorua nicknamed Change:))) I adore him! Sooo cute and soft ^^ 
I will have a lot of change, since i got a year older and i'm going to university to Finland. Yup Finland XD But that's another story :D

So lets move on to my  growing side collection Sneasel.

The Jakks sneasel figure is new, but there is a repainted kid aswell :))) Also imagine a Sneasel pokemon time clearfile there. (i forgot to take a picture of it XD)
So little time so little post, but next time ^^

Thanks for reading! :))))
Bye Everyone :))))))

Tags: sneasel, zorua
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