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Jakks Pacific's Lineup of Plush!

 I'm not going to lie, it's a little confusing what's been reported on the Toywiz.com website.

But from what I can dechipher, this is the lineup of plush dolls coming from Jakks Pacific :D

We Currently Have:



For the Month of June (this Month!)


Month of July


The only new one here is Pikachu, the rest are repeats so I'll be very interested to see the new Pikachu! Especially since the PMD Pikachu was absolutely adorable!


Month of September



- Scraggy
- Mincinno
- Zorua
- Pignite
- Dewot
- Servine


Personally, I think the September set has my full undivided attention. 

As I said it's a bit confusing as to what Toywiz says. Some parts say that the individuals will ship this date but the groups will ship the next month. So I did my best to compile everything.

Personally I'm VERY excited. I was a bit disappointed with Munna, but I was rather AMAZED with Sandile! Never got a hold of Snivy but I figure I'll find one eventually :)





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