illumeee (illumeee) wrote in pkmncollectors,

looking for eeveelutions jakks

Hey theree

I'm collecting all eeveelutions TCG, I think I spammed that message here a couple of times (lol)
Now I got this Espeon Jakks figure (from the lovely zenity) and I want the set. There you go. I just love the Jakks, even though I hear they're not that popular (come'ooon they are moveable!!)

So now I'm looking for eevee, jolteon, flareon & vaporeon first,
second comes umbreon
third, leafeon and glaceon.

I suppose you could say the first four are more grail-like :3
(and yup I'm aware vaporeon has a shitty paint-job)

Someone here offered me vaporeon & umbreon (also owned leafeon + glaceon) for a good price but I can't remember who it was, if you read this, please let me know xD

Now, if anyone can help me by any of these that would make me very happy :D (and we all want that!)

Thanks guys!!!
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