katcheecricket (katcheecricket) wrote in pkmncollectors,

New Gets~!!

 So I had a package show up on Friday (that ended up buried under some stuff due to house reconstruction)~and when I opened it today I saw THESE GAIZ:: 

So I'm absolutely stunned with how ADORABLE these two guys are. Many thanks to system69 for the hard work-- it totally shows!!

Krookodile by far has the most ADORABLE little teeth and cheeks, he's super soft and fits in very snuggly with the other commissions that have arrived so far :D

LOOKIT THE KROW THO-- BAWWWH. I've wanted one super adorable Murkrow pokedoll for AGES. Which with the help of an artist friend, and System's cooperation to gawk at the sketch, this little guy came to be. He's absolutely perfect and he fits in with my 'murder' very well :3

I just wanted to share. XD As its been quite some time since I've been this excited >.> 

I DO HAVE ONE WANT-- Does anyone have a clear Kyogre tomy? I had one, but one of my dogs got his little teeth on it and decided to carve him a new face -.-;;;; So any help on that would be great!

Also a reminder-- for my offers/auction post. Most of these guys are still at a low, or starting price!! I plan to take offers through June 11th,  and would be more than willing to work out a payment plan or something XD
Tags: auction, krookodile, murkrow, plush, pokedolls, sales
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