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Halp! Looking for...

 So, as it turns out, I may have a wee bit of extra cash on hand after splurging... and not on a pokemon collection (I'm also a high quality designer name lover, and I just bought a Betsy Johnson handbag that was on sale and super rare... AND LEATHER MMM GOD I LOVE THE SMELL OF LEATHER MMMM)

...-cough.- anyways.

I'm looking for a... I believe he's the Super DX Sparkling Plush/ Best Wishes plush... He's 10-12" tall, and I'm looking for the Tepig. TEPIG YAAAAY

But I've found a couple for $30-35 with shipping, and I'm trying to see if anyone will part with theirs or knows of one for sale for a little less. I'm also trying to pay off my credit card at the moment, so every little bit counts.

Thanks guys! :D

PS. OH YES! New addition to collection: The Jakks Tepig figure :3 Yay!
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