segamew (segamew) wrote in pkmncollectors,

So I Returned to Toy n Joy (Express)

Remember my Toys n Joys raid yesterday? Well I was able to convince a friend to drive me to the small store so I can return the Werehog, Mew Tomy, and Delibird (due to overpriced reasons or damaged package/tag).

While there I might as well get the Talking Tsutarja plush. I know the bigger store has Tepig and Oshawott, so I requested that the smaller branch get them transferred over so I can go buy them (this friend doesn't know her way to the big store location). I don't really plan to take him out of the package and try him out since batteries have the tendency to leak and corrode.... though I guess I have to take him out anyway because he may have batteries inside him... Bummer.

While digging through the small vertical case of overpriced Pokemon plushies, I spot a Snubbull plush without a hang tag and therefor no price tag. I tried to haggle the clerk into giving me this plush for $10, but wouldn't haha... in the end bought him for $15 >__> The clerk told me that the Snubbull "has been in the store for a long long time". Considering that the plush was made in 1999 during when Japan released the original Gold and Silver versions, it is sorta believable. But anyway I felt really bad if I don't buy the plush. Look at that FACE, Snubbull just wants to go somewhere other than being buried by $70 Ho-Ohs, Lugias, (these are large wingspanned plush), and large Darkrai.

I'm not too much of a Snubbull fan, but I just can't let him sit in that case for another 12 years =P Perhaps one day when I get Sales Permission, I can find a more loving owner for Snubbull. Until then he gets to chill out with my Primal Dialga.

Also, looking for any Pokemon Time items with or containing Farfetch'D!
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