Blackjack Gabbiani (blackjackrocket) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Blackjack Gabbiani

Looking to buy--Settei and Books

Ok so I'm looking for movie 2 settei. I have some of the inside of the Hikoukyuu (um...that's the airship), but I'm looking for more. Does anyone have any of Jirarudan himself, or of a height chart? I've seen shots of a height chart in a book, so I know there's one out there.

For that matter, that book. I'm not sure what it is, but I want it. If it's got production notes and internal schematics for the ship, I want it.

Other books I'm looking for are the English versions of Golden Boys and Phantom Thief Pokemon 7. They were translated in Singapore but not in North America.

Also, how do you tell that settei are legit? Ones used in actual production are still photocopies, so how do you tell which are real and which were copied after the fact?
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