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Plushie update and new pokemon love <3

Hi all,

I haven't posted for ages basically because I'm too shy to, but today I'm being brave so I can show you my plushies and new Gen V love:

A couple of weekends ago I decided it was time to dust and rearrange my plush collection.  My living room is about 9x9 feet and my plush almost took up the entire floor!

I haven't got the space to display all of the plush anymore so most of my UFO plush went into storage ;..;  I took pictures as I dusted and decided what to display.

My canvas plushies

Picture's a little blurry sorry, but my latest additions to my canvas collection are cherrim and a factory reject piplup.  All I need to complete the set are aipom, turtwig, chimchar, (a genuine) piplup and plusle and minun (yeah, like)

My pokedolls <3

For some reason, I didn't put my axew, snivy and Jalorda pokedolls in there >..>

My snivy collection

I'm not loving snivy as much as I did but she'll be more of a side collection for me.


Even though croagunk is probably my all time favourite pokemon (next to cubone) my collection of him is rather small.  I think it's because a lot of his plush are so derpy looking.
My big croagunk wants are the pokedoll and the zukan with croagunks cheeks in.

Finally, the new pokemon love of my life.......

Patrat and watchog!!! or minezumi and miruhog as I prefer to call them <3

My collection so far is modest,  just the two minezumi plush (banpresto and PokeCen), kids and cards - oh and the zukan :D

I had a second set of the kid figures so I tried my hand at painting them shiny and I absolutely love them.

I'm hoping to expand my collection with the MPC plush, the attack kid and a japanese promo card of minezumi that I'm waiting for payment info for and I'm bidding on some miruhog settei too!  I've also fallen in love with excadrill but I've yet to get any of his merch yet.

Thanks for looking <3
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