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 Hiya everyone ^^

I am new to both livejournal and to pkmncollectors. I am Jan, or swadloon from deviantart (: I heard it's a really nice place here, so I look forward to meeting new friends and such :D I just finished my exam today so I think it should be a good time to do an introduction!

I am a big fan of Sewaddle and Swadloon! Looking forward to find out what everyone has on offer n_n 

I love sculpting, and I recently started to do so with Fimo polymer clay, it's so fun! I made a lot of pokemons XD These were my collection as of 25/5 :) A few of these were given to other people. Still a lot to learn! I failed so much at making complicated things... ;_;
I also draw, but they were pretty bad and it's not an art group so I am not posting ^^;

(I hope this is not against the rule, there are some non-pokemons here but most are pokemon ^^;)

This is the duo I first made with coloured clays, not very good but I still love them ;u;

My first ever gift for a friend, a tangrowth (kind chibified though D:)

The Happy family ;_;

The first ornaments I made, it's hanging happily on my table lamp now :D

He is ready to be baked u_u

Something I tried yesterday, I kinda rushed it because it was my friend's birthday present and I wanted to make it in time D: I was quite happy with how the design turned out, but not very happy with individual pieces :(

I actually have made loads more, but I think I have posted way too many already ^^; Thanks everyone for reading and I hope I will have a nice time here :D
Please let me know if I did something wrong. I have read the rules, but I might still miss something by mistakes D:
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